Welcome to our escape rooms!

In the summer of 2015, my wife and I were on our honeymoon in Budapest. I had booked all kinds of things to do before the trip but I still wanted something extra exciting. I remembered an article in the local Helsingin Sanomat about the existence of escape games and thought it would be great to try out whilst we were in Budapest, where there are quite a few. We booked the “Serial Killer” game.


The feeling of being in the game was unbelievable. This was a place full of puzzles, oppressive atmosphere and a captivating plot that hooked us immediately! We decided to book another game, “Bank Robbery” whilst on our trip. When we returned home to Finland we began to investigate what Escape room games there were in Helsinki.

We began coming up with ideas on how improvements could be made but the idea of starting our own was not foremost in our mind. We continued to find and play games both at home and abroad and as of the beginning of 2016, an opportunity to rent suitable premises in Punavuori became available. We began to seriously think of what ideas would be great for our own company and we investigated a wide range of options.

Since we had been playing a large number of games, we began to get a good idea of what kind of game is good, what insights it has to offer and the various technical solutions to really give that something extra to the game. In early 2016, we went to St. Petersburg, to play some games at a game supplier and we really liked what they were doing. The games were diverse, modern and technically so demanding, that we couldn’t possibly create something like that ourselves.

In the spring of 2016, we began installations and as of 06.01.2016 , Prison Break game was opened. We received excellent feedback right away, which really inspired us. We continued building the other games during Summer and Autumn and toward the end of 2016, Hannibal and Ghost Photolab were ready to be unleashed onto the public.

We welcome all players, whether new or returning, to play Truescape Escape Room Games!

Best Regards,

Jaakko ja Sanni Rytsölä