Truescape is an exciting escape room center in Helsinki. We currently operate in four locations offering ten games to choose from: Diamond Robbery, KGB Escape,  Prison BreakGhost Photolab, Hannibal (not for under 18 years old players), The Internship, The Great MindThe Flying Dutchman, Trapped and The Holy Grail. In Lappeenranta we have two games available: The Pirates’ Revenge and Agent59.

Truescape Punavuori 1, Pursimiehenkatu 26 G:

Prison Break


You are imprisoned in a dark and dreary cell. You are desperate to escape but it all seems futile…

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Hannibal (K18)


You are in the middle of a horror movie with seemingly no way out. This game is rated K18 and not for the faint of heart.

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Ghost Photolab


Strange things are happening in the Darkroom. There are hidden objects to find and riddles to solve before you can get out.

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Truescape Punavuori 2, Pursimiehenkatu 22 B:

Diamond Robbery


Jump into the atmosphere of the movie Ocean’s Eleven and perform a clever diamond robbery from the secret valve…

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KGB Escape

escape room

You are spies captured by KGB agents. And after being prisoned for a long time, you have now been sentenced to death in one hour...

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Truescape Kallio, Viides Linja 2:

The Great Mind

escape room helsinki

A man who has dedicated his life to finding answers to the greatest secrets of the universe has been kidnapped by a covert organisation ..

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The Internship

pakohuonepeli helsinki

A group of trainees wake up in a deserted ward of a psychiatric hospital. And the doors are locked from the outside… What is going on?

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Truescape Ullanlinna = Our partner Labyrinth Games Room Escape, Vuorimiehenkatu 3

The Flying Dutchman

You miserable pirates have been cursed with the Black Mark. Your only way of saving your dirty souls from the dreadful Kraken is to tame it and one of you must become the captain. ..

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To be chained and abandoned without any possibilities for rescue… is there a chance for survival?

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The Holy Grail

Many knights have lost their lives in the search for the Holy Grail. Are you and your friends the ones who will reveal the secret?

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